Pause is a meditation app created by Eléonore Delmas, and available on the AppStore and GooglePlay Store. Pause was designed to reduce stress and foster self-awareness, through the use of meditation and compassion. One of the secrets of life is that our Emotional Quotient is a much better guarantor of our happiness than our IQ, so gentle self-exploration is our mission at Pause.

As a certified coach and practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Non-Violent Communication, Eléonore designed all of Pause’s meditation sessions as a holistic practice for mind and body, thoughts and emotions. Eléonore had to find her way through PTSD and crippling panic syndrome. Meditation was instrumental in restoring her balance.

Although she is originally from France, she is a 3rd culture adult and moved to Thailand 5 years ago, where she has been furthering her studies of Buddhism and Tantra, and helping many people on their healing paths. You can now enjoy over 150 hours of meditation and guidance with her calm gentle voice.