Reduce Stress

Meditating regularly a few minutes a day can reduce your stress dramatically. Download Pause and start relaxing 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Improve your concentration

Improve your focus and concentration, choose the thoughts that support you and dismiss the others. Learn this deep skill through our sessions.

Improve your relationships

Through a few minutes’ focus a day, learn how to understand and foster your emotions in a peaceful way, so all of your interactions are gentler and more efficient, whether it is at work, at home or in daily life.

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Meditate Anywhere

Whether you’re at home, at work or in public transportation, Pause is always with you to allow you to take a breath.
Take a few minutes to recenter and breathe, follow a short session and let yourself be guided.

Tailor-Made Session

What if you could learn to deal with stress, relationship issues, obsessive thoughts or blue feelings? Pause offers you tools to deal with whatever situation is happening right now. Learn to focus and let go with our 150 different sessions.

Continuous Serenity

Thanks to Pause, your mind and body will be soothed daily. Meditate 10 to 15mn a day and start feeling those feelings of calm seeping into the rest of your day. Well-being, lightness, love, serenity… are you ready?